Before you continue reading I invite you to take a deep breath into your belly  - and exhale.

Take a moment to feel your feet on the ground and your sit bones connecting to the chair (if you are sitting).
Take another inhale and close your eyes for a moment on your exhale.

If you like - do it again with eyes closed as it might be easier to feel.

Hi, my name is Katja!


First of all - Thank you for being here!

My website is the virtual meeting place of my passions and offerings and I cannot wait to share them with you - 

Azul Conscious Movement

Family & Systemic Constellations
Embodied Change

The first two of them I discovered on my own quest to know myself. I talk more about that in the ABOUT section. Embodied Change comes from the urge to share the integrity that embodiment offers to bring into the work context.

I have come a long way and my life has changed a lot since I left my country of origin, Austria, to move to Australia - which I now call home.

As Azul and Family Constellations were so essential and powerful in my own journey, I feel the urge to share them so more people have access to these modalities to

~ gain insights into generational entanglements and their influence in life 
~ see the interconnectedness with their ancestry

~ bring balance to body, mind & heart.

Bringing everything I have learnt along the way together and using it as a huge tool box to draw from, I am passionate to take the next step and offer a unique, embodied coaching approach into the business world and the work context.

I invite you to browse through the information on this website and check out the classes and workshops scheduled, as well as individual sessions that are available.

Until we meet - take care and love for your journey of life,