Become your own Tall Poppy

When I was attending workshops, I was always very excited about what I have heard. Back at daily work it was unfortunately often hard to implement what I have learned and there were always 'more important' things to do.  

The Embodied Leadership Program uses principles of Conscious Movement and Systemic Constellations work, as well as management concepts becoming physically experienced, to open up the ability of embodiment.

These programs will support the participant to connect with themselves for greater alignment of body, emotions and mind.


And this provides a shortcut so that there is no extra effort needed to implement. When we have it in our bodies once, it stays.


"When we are able to lead ourselves, we can access our full potential and become better leaders for others."

- ALEXANDER KOHL - Social Entrepreneur, Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia -

“Katja has a gift to elicit deep trust, understanding and self awareness through her work. The greatest testament to that is her own energy and charisma.
In her sessions, I often find clarity on what next strategic steps to take (both for me personally and in my business). In the groups she facilitates, a close-knit, trusting community is established really quickly while keeping everyone engaged."


You have the choice of attending open workshops or book your company-tailored program.

Check our EVENTS for more details.

The Embodied Leadership Program consists of a 2-day intensive workshop and 4 separate  days within 3 months to deepen the experience, track the progress and implementation, and integrating the learning into daily life.

For companies with employee numbers of 50 or less, the program is offered in a reduced version in order to meet the requirements of this audience. This would include 1 intensive workshop day followed by 3 times 3 hour workshops.


The program is designed so that your individual company needs and goals can be incorporated.