Embodied Change

Lead yourself ~ Lead to success


Embodied Change is a set of personal development tools that aim to build and strengthen your body intelligence through body based practices with individually customised one-to-one coaching sessions.

Our business environments tend to put emphasis on the mind and its cognitive function to lead us and our actions.  

This often leads to a disconnection from the wisdom of our body and heart, what many call their ‘gut’ or intuition.

I like to bring balance to this using tools including Systemic Constellations, mindfulness, body awareness, and movement. These engage and access the wisdom beyond the mind, leading to embodiment.

This type
of personal development can create long-lasting effects as it creates cellular memory compared to intellectual knowledge only. 

"There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy."

~ Friedrich Nietzsche ~

What is embodiment?

Embodiment is to be connected to one’s body. Through this connection we have access to the whole of who we are and the relationship between mind, body and heart. When this is established we can access all of our wisdom that is in us.


If you are an entrepreneur who wants to go full-body in, doing your next or even first step in your business with authenticity and integrity - then this might be exactly for YOU!

~ Lead Yourself First ~














These coaching sessions expand your ability to lead yourself first. With practice and time your integrity and congruency in anything you do, whether your whole of life and/or work, will grow stronger.

This enables you to lead and empower yourself (and your team) and further your company with increased capacity and authenticity. Decisions will have long-lasting effects as both mind and intuition are on board. You will have tools on hand to establish your body connection daily to stay on track, as embodiment takes practice. 


The world we are living in has changed and people need new tools to face the new environment. Embodiment practices could well be part of the tools you are searching for. 


Using the body’s intelligence to rediscover your innate connection to self, the body, mind and heart offers access to all the aspects of who you are.


My passion is to support you in unlocking the wisdom that is available to you beyond the mind for

~ determining direction
~ gaining clarity

~ finding resolutions

~ building resilience

~ supporting stress-resistance

~ strengthening your intuition

~ moving out of a stuck situation

~ challenging beliefs

~ shifting perspectives

~ increasing confidence   

...to name some examples...

In one-to-one sessions we work on your individual issue using tools from Systemic Constellation work, mindfulness, body awareness and movement, depending on what serves you best to reach your goal.
Find more details about the practices at the bottom of this page! 

If you resonate with this approach to support you, please get in touch for a
free initial call  to talk about where you are at and how I can help you.

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"How to lead yourself:

1. Develop a relationship with your intuition

2. Have the courage to follow its guidance"

~ Yung Pueblo ~

This is what Alexander Kohl, Social Entrepreneur, said about working with me:

The primary tool used is Systemic Constellation work. According to your needs, Body Awareness exercises, Mindfulness exercises and Movement is woven in to support you in making a change and reaching your goal.

  • Systemic Constellation work can help to get to the root of an issue and bring clarity in a different way than we are often used to.
    Read more in detail about Constellation work on my Systemic Constellations page.

    Originally, Constellation work was focused on family systems to disclose the deeper forces that unknowingly influence our thoughts, behaviours and emotional experiences through multiple generations. Family Constellations create a model of the family system to reveal and transform hidden patterns that are difficult to understand and change.
    The original approach was used for family systems, but over time has been applied to other human systems including organisations, our connection to nature and larger issues in our communities and the world. The Systemic Constellations approach explores ways for understanding our relationships as well as giving us opportunities to resolve our most complicated problems.

    The main parts involved in the issue that is looked at, are identified and the work starts from there.
    A big portion of the clarity comes from the witness perspective being taken as well as being an active part in the process. The distance of the observer position helps to gain insights and different views on the issue and as a result new possibilities and solutions can come into sight.
    As information is gathered through the body, the insights and resolution are happening on an embodied level that is lasting.


  • Body Awareness exercises offer a space to practice to become more aware of body parts and our whole body to build a deeper connection to its wisdom.

  • Practicing Mindfulness is all about cultivating living in the present moment, being aware of body and mind, what is happening inside of you and around. Mindfulness can keep you in touch with your goals. Focussing on the moment keeps you from reacting quickly and doing what you usually do without thinking about it. This is the first step towards change.

  • Movement might be incorporated into the sessions in order to support a deeper anchoring of insights and change for lasting transformation.