Embodied Leadership

Lead yourself - Lead to success

"My passion is to help leaders to lead themselves in an embodied way and make a difference for their employees and company."


Katja Hofmann is passionate about the power of embodiment.

When we learn to feel and listen to our body to access its wisdom, we connect with ourselves more deeply. This allows us to come into alignment with body, emotions and mind - with ourselves as a whole. Alignment is the basis to lead ourselves.

When we can embody this leadership of self, we can be a role model, build trust and become an embodied leader for others.



Embodied Leadership requires us to lead ourselves first.

Here is an example of embodiment in motion as one form of expression.


  • Movement and art release endorphins, the happy hormones.

  • "The hardest person you will ever have to lead is yourself." - Bill George

  • Grateful leaders are great leaders

  • Certain movement practices open up new pathways in the brain that improve mental capabilities.

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