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The Difficulty between Business and Spirituality

Updated: May 15, 2019

Interesting insights by LeeAnn Malorie, inspiring leader in embodiment practices in business.

One of the questions I get a lot is: "how do I integrate it?" You’re going to yoga, you’re meditating at home, then you go to work and you have no idea how to translate that spiritual growth into professional growth. Unless you’re working inside a super conscious company… And sometimes EVEN IF you’re working inside a super conscious company… the translation of spiritual evolution to business results can be tough. So… we compartmentalise. Partly it’s tough because our systems inside of companies and organisations are not actually built to support that aspect of our functioning.

Rather than assess us based on our potential for growth, and genuinely invest in our evolution, companies still often hold us as disposable resources. It’s not that they’re doing it on purpose. It’s just what business culture and capitalism currently look like. It’s not that our bosses don’t care. The truth is, we don’t actually know HOW to do it differently. We're getting closer. But we don’t actually have another way that we've fully understood or embodied yet.

However, I’ve seen that when one individual who is a good fit plugs into a company, and when that company takes an interest in cultivating the individual’s spiritual growth and vision for development, that same individual’s evolution can – and often does – literally hold the keys to the next level for the business. When we as leaders don’t track that, we don’t fully capitalise (lol) on our MOST valuable resource… The potential for business evolution that gets played out through the evolution of a single human being that holds the vision for part of that business.

What I’ve seen is that when each of the individuals inside of a collective hold themselves accountable to their highest potential spiritually – and they bring the truth of how they feel called to grow to work – the business must also evolve to its highest potential spiritually. And, what I’ve seen is that these changes do positively impact the bottom line. It’s synergistic. Most of us just don’t fully trust it… yet.

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