Family & Systemic Constellation work

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Systemic constellations are a way of working with issues within human systems.


We live and act in numerous relationship systems every day. These span from our family of origin, our current family, to social systems at work, or at a hobby or sports club we are a part of. Even our bodies themselves can be seen as systems.

Originally, Constellation work was focused on family systems to identify the deeper forces that unknowingly influence our thoughts, behaviours and emotional experiences through multiple generations. Family Constellation work create a model of the family system to reveal and transform hidden patterns that are difficult to understand and change.

Over time this systemic approach has been applied to other
human systems including organisations, our connection to
nature and larger issues in our communities and the world.
Together these Systemic Constellation approaches explore
ways of understanding our relationships, in addition to giving
us options to resolve individually our most complicated


Family & Systemic Constellations is a tool to make
of any social system visible. Representatives mostly stand in for people, but also for places, illnesses, emotions, and anything you have a relationship to. This is the starting point of the work. The beauty of this modality is that you can observe from the ‘outside’ while a representative will stand in for you.


Sessions are available in group settings (please check the Events page) or privately.

The following video by an American Constellations facilitator explains the modality and what happens in a workshop in an excellent way:

Dr. Rupert Sheldrake is a biologist who came up with the theory of the morphogenetic field that is at play at Family & Systemic Constellations work:

The founder of the Family Constellations work, Bert Hellinger (1925-2019), a German psychologist, developed this body of work based on his discovery of basic social laws that govern human relationship systems.
By making patterns of thought or behaviour visible, as well as, system dynamics and entanglements, the way can be cleared for acknowledgment and resolution.


Who can Constellation work support?

  • Family ~ all kinds of conflicts and entanglements

  • Couples/love ~ to maintain and improve the relationship

  • Disease ~ the backgrounds of health and disease

  • Occupation/work ~ in cases of conflicts or failure as an employee or self-employed person

  • Business & Management ~ communication, hierarchy, decision-making

Due to Katja's background in the corporate world she is passionate in bringing this work into the work context.

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